Laying Instant Turf

Laying instant turf is a landscaping specialist’s job. It involves various tasks, including digging the soil to the right depth; preparing the base with multiple layers of sand, crushed stones and other materials; and aligning the turf properly to fit the proposed area and the surroundings.

Choosing a reliable landscapist for laying instant turf is therefore crucial. Here are some tips to make your search for a professional instant turf installer easy and efficient:

View Installer’s Previous Turf Installations

Previous works should give you an idea if the installing company is true to its service claims. Ask for the feedback of previous customers. Talk to these customers over phone to know their experience with the company and its quality of work.

It is always best to go for companies with several years of experience in laying instant turf. This specialist experience translates into a great lawn for your home.

Find out How Installer Ensures Quality

In most cases, the installing company will also supply the turf for you. Ask the company about turf source. Companies that source turfs from recognised turf farms that employ high-quality turf-growing methods, are obviously reliable. Check if there is a good warranty for the installer’s turf. A 10-year warranty on a turf is an excellent offer.

Check if the installer has strict policies in place for its service and products. Such companies usually employ high-quality equipment, and highly-qualified and skilled technicians, to ensure highest standards of installation.

Compare Service Prices

Shortlist installers based on their quality of work. Compare them for prices. When analysing price specifications, consider availability of free services. If the company offers measurement and quotation service for the turf installation area on your premises, for free, consider it a good offer.

Assess your Comfort Level with the Installer

A good working relationship with the installer is important to realise your lawn vision. The installer must be able to connect with your vision, and understand your requirements, to be able to deliver best results.

With the right installer, a good relationship through the course of the turf installation can blossom into a lifetime partnership!

Turf Adelaide

Instant Lawn Adelaide has been providing quality lawn installation in the Adelaide Hills for many years. Our Team is continually growing in numbers due to our high quality standards, service and warranties. We have gained accreditation within Lawn Solutions Australia to raise the bar once again and to be associated with high quality turf farms within our state.

For quality lawn installation Adelaide services, give us a call on 1300 57 11 54.