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At Instant Lawn Adelaide we are well equipped to install high quality landscaped gardens and lawns to new builds or existing properties. We are able to design a garden that best suits your house and your needs – serenity for adults, and play areas for children and pets. Our designs range from Contemporary, to Formal, to Native. We understand that gardens need to be beautiful, practical, easy to care for and affordable all at the same time – necessities that we pride ourself in providing.

As the soil we use to create your lawn and garden is prone to movement, we can install retaining walls around the area in the form of sleepers or block walling laid on a concrete foundation. However, the use of our select soil does ensure longevity so you’ll be able to enjoy it visually and physically for more than a lifetime. We source and lay the brick edging, slate edging or timber edging, which can help to define your lawn and a mowing edge. We provide a free measure and quote service that includes plans, drawings and ensure we can deliver you you expectations to fit to your budget.

Instant Lawn Adelaide has been delivering new lawns to the homes of Adelaide for many years now, so you can be assured that we understand your individual needs and budget. All of the team members at Instant Lawn Adelaide have extensive knowledge of horticulture and landscaping through experience, schooling and certification. This ensures that we are able to provide you with quality techniques in lawn preparation and installation, at a price that our competitors cannot match.

We know that a new living lawn should survive in your home for a around 30 years, on average, so we ensure that you are left with the best in lawn preparation, soils, fertilisers and service – this way you know your lawn will survive Australia’s harshest winters and blistering hot summers. At Instant Lawns Adelaide we only supply and lay lawns that have been tried and tested in all conditions so we can provide you with a lawn that best suits your location – whether it experiences heavy usage, full sun, part shade or low maintenance. We are able to help design or redesign your garden, with simple landscaping and excavation, installation and follow up. We are able to provide a number of quality varieties of Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, Nullarbor Couch, Eureka Kikuyu and Tall Fescue to cover your specifications.

With the knowledge that we have undertaken some serious training and experience to gain certification in horticulture and landscaping, you can feel assured that our service is well above our competitors. We choose to use accredited Lawn Solutions Australia lawn products supplied by The Turf Farm.

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Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Logo

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Sir Walter turf is an Australian grass that performs well in both full sun or shade and in extreme heat, frost or drought. It is a popular choice for homes, parks and property. It is a beautiful grass with a soft leaf that makes any lawn look stunning.

Nullarbor Couch Turf Logo

Nullarbor Couch Turf

Nullarbor Couch turf is the perfect choice for sporting surfaces, home backyard or commercial property. It is a grass variety usually seen on golf courses, tennis courts and major sport stadiums in Australia.

Eureka Kikuyu Turf Logo

Eureka Kikuyu Turf

Eureka Kikuyu turf is an affordable all-rounder that works well on most Adelaide properties. It is ideal for homes, parks, ovals and fairways. It’s bright green colour and medium-coarse leaves make it a perfectly appealing grass for most environments.

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Adelaide

Why Is Sir Walter Buffalo Turf A Bestseller?

Every turf that comes from the house of Sir Walter Buffalo turf is lush and rich green in colour. The turf is completely safe for kids and pets. The growth habit for this turf is tight. This simply means you will have no worry about the growth of weeds. And the most important reason, why you should choose Sir Walter is that the turf thrives all year round.

Sir Walter Buffalo Qualities

The Sir Walter variety of turf is bred from Shademaster, which is an old soft-leaf type of buffalo turf. Unlike traditional varieties of buffalo grass which were rough and itchy on the skin, the new variety is soft and smooth.

The Sir Walter turf is all-round and all-year turf that is quite low on maintenance. It adapts to almost any environmental condition and looks healthy always. The turf from Sir Walter Buffalo also has the capability to repair itself easily. If the turf is damaged, you will not have to worry about replacing or renovating the entire landscape for it.

You also don’t have to worry about turf diseases or fungal infections when you choose this turf for your home exterior. Sir Walter Buffalo is a turf variety that is practically anti-fungus and not affected by disease-causing or spreading organisms that tend to thrive in the grass.

Finally, this turf has a high tolerance level for shade and drought. These qualities make Sir Walter Buffalo turf highly popular.