Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter Buffalo grass is a widely-used turf in Australia. It is an extremely versatile grass that adapts itself to any climatic condition, be it blistering summers or harshest winters. The turf has also been known to withstand Australia’s drought and frost.

A grass type indigenous to Australia, Sir Walter Buffalo is one of the best varieties you could choose for your lawn, for the following reasons:

Resists Weeds

Weeds are one of the most common and annoying challenges that lawn owners face. With Walter grass, this problem is greatly minimised. Sir Walter Buffalo grows thick and strong with little space in between. This tight growth prevents growth or spread of weeds.

Shade and Space-Friendly

Walter grass has a broad leaf structure, which enables it to conduct photosynthesis well. It is lush and green during summers and retains the colour even in areas that are prone to shade and low sunlight. In fact, Walter grass ranks best among turf varieties that respond excellently to shady climatic conditions.

The grass, with its thick growth, looks as appealing on a small yard as it does on a huge stretch.

A Natural Cooler for Summer

Walter grass does not lose its colour or dry up in summers. It has an excellent root structure, which spreads deep into the soil. As a result, roots have greater capacity for moisture retention, which keeps them healthy during summers.

Walter grass has a cooling effect – lawns with Walter grass have been known to reduce heat during summers by a maximum of 10 degrees!

Low-Allergy Grass

If you have a family member prone to hay fever, choose Sir Walter grass lawns to minimise such discomfort! Walter grass features less pollen, which reduces allergies to a great extent.

Minimal Maintenance Needs

Being weed-resistant, Walter grass reduces maintenance. The grass is also resistant to insects and fungi, which minimises the need for pesticides and fungicides. This grass is non-invasive – so, you’ll not have to check and control the spread of grass to areas outside the lawn.

To derive best results from Sir Walter Buffalo grass, choose a reliable turf provider. Go for grass turfs with good warranty backing them. Instant Lawn Adelaide only install premium turf, all supplied by Lawn Solutions Australia. Our quality turf products are backed by our 10 year warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.