Lawn Experts Adelaide

Looking for a way to beautify the surroundings of your home or commercial set up? Instant Lawn are lawn experts in Adelaide providing high-quality turf at an affordable cost that adds a touch of elegance and gives your home or commercial space a whole new look.

We are lawn experts in Adelaide and you could contact us at 1300 571 154 to avail your share of premium turf.

Why You Need A Lawn Installed

Lawn experts in Adelaide have only good things to say about the benefits a well-kept lawn.

In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of your home, a lawn turf can be used as a play area for children and pets or a place for the elderly to unwind and relax in the serenity of your own home. A turf plays a good role in absorbing air pollutants, prevents soil erosion and cleanses the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. They also provide a feeding ground for birds who feed on insects that hide beneath the lawn grass.

Choose the Right Type of Lawn

Adelaide experiences mild winters and warm summers and a few warm-season kinds of grass that work well in the climate are the-

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf: Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is the most common kind of lawn used across Australia and it is highly durable. They grow quickly, require less water and are a low maintenance variety of turf. The kinds of soft leaf buffalo lawn that have gained popularity are the Sir Walter, Matilda, Palmetto, and Sapphire.

Zoysia Grass: Zoysia Grass is another great variety of lawn which is drought tolerant with low fertilizer requirements. It is suitable for traffic areas and has low lawn mowing requirements. It uses limited water due to its composition features such as the above ground stolons and below ground rhizomes.

Kikuyu Grass: Kikuyu Grass is fast growing and requires regular mowing; it can withstand high traffic areas of heavy pets and busy children. This kind of grass thrives well in the heat and humidity and is widely seen in parks and open spaces.

Couch Grass: Couch Grass is a fine leaf variety of lawn that grows quickly and requires a fertilizer regimen. It is durable and is easy to maintain, though regular mowing in the warmer months is a must. They look great if maintained well, is soft and can withstand wear and tear.

Queensland Blue Couch: This is a good quality grass and suitable for warmer climates. They require low mowing and lawn care maintenance and retain their green colour for most of the year.

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