Instant Lawn Prices

As a buyer, the price is a crucial decision-making factor for you while purchasing instant lawns. With many service providers offering “cheap” prices, it can be hard assessing the best instant lawn prices and the quality of the product you are getting for the price.

Here are some facts to be aware of when choosing your lawn, to make an informed decision:

Best Instant Lawn Prices are not a Myth

Best instant lawn prices are those that are affordable without the quality of the product being compromised.

If you are willing to search, there is always the best price, but it may not be the “cheap” price you were expecting. When it comes to lawns, freshness, and health of the product should be a greater priority than the price. But, it does not mean that the highest-priced lawn is the best in quality.

Go for product suppliers that offer accredited and warranty-backed lawns. Shortlist suppliers on this criterion, and then compare prices, to arrive at the best deal.

Verify your “Cheapest” Deal before Falling for It

If a supplier is offering a turf for an unbelievably low price, then check the product closely to assess its quality. If you notice brown or yellow patches, then the lawn is not fresh at all!

More often than not, turfs that remain unsold, are gotten rid of, with a cheap price tag. The bargain may seem great at the beginning, but you’ll only end up replacing the turf with a new one soon after!

Go for a supplier with several years of experience in lawn supply, and an excellent customer record, to avoid such expensive pitfalls.

Apply the “Shake” Test

Gently shake the turf. If you see a huge mass of grass falling, then the turf is old or of inferior quality. Fresh turf has a firm root structure, which keeps the grass intact in its place. With age, this structure weakens, which loosens the grip on grass.

Instant lawns add beauty to your home and increase its property value. They offer a splendid space for relaxation and a wonderful ground for your kids to play. Consider lawns an investment and go for the best price after a good research.

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