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_210416Having grown up on a well known Vineyard in McLaren Vale in the ’70’s/’80’s known as Tapestrynd now SC Pannel, Matt attended Urrbrae Agricultural High School to fufurthernhance his knowledge studying the Ag Cert in Yr 11 & completing Yr 12 with a Cert in Horticulture and returning there later in the TAFE system to gain a Cert in Turf Management under the guidance of the Super Intendant of the Grange Golf Club. Having conducted work experience at Patawalonga Golf Course to engage working within the industry, I found it nearly impossible as entry level positions were limited. Continued study in business management & sales lead me into starting my own business with my wife Libby assisting with the management of the operation.

The early days were spend maintaining and improving lawns and soon developed into the rehabilitation of lawns and sub surface drip irrigation installations during the drought years and then furthering into the replacement of old lawns where we founded there was a huge opportunity to extend my knowledge and professional techniques working from the soil up. Many lawns are installed on sub standard sandy loams which offer very little nutrition for the thousands of little plants that make up your lawn. A quality foundation is essential as the expected lifespan for your lawn is approximately 30 years, the secret is in the preparation. A lawn will only be as good as the soil it is growing in.

Our Team is continually growing in number due to our high quality standards, service and warranties. We achieve these standards with strict training and having all of our staff conducting Apprenticeships and on going training within our business, this is pivotal to our success. Whilst on this subject, if you know anyone that is a lawn lover and keen to break into the industry, is highly motivated and can deliver premium quality landscaping, get to send in a resume.

We have gained accreditation within Lawn Solutions Australia to raise the bar once again and to be associated with high quality turf farms within our state. These turf varieties have had extensive research and development to ensure they are best suited to our every changing environment. Lawn Solutions Australia provide a 10 year warranty and a 122 page Turf Management Guide to ensure your lawn is the best in the street and our after sales service will remain where if you have any concerns what so ever, 2,5 or 10 years down the track we will always assist you to ensure your query is resolved and your lawn returns to good health. As mentioned above, your lawn has a long life expectancy and will require care & food to continue its good health.

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